Started from the art school, now we’re here: TRASH & READY. (Yeah, dig into your street vocabulary, you.)

TRASH & READY nail art translates what’s in the now and applies it straight onto your nails. We don’t do limits. Instead we do gem nails, mix it up with some golden galore, or we fade-out in neons – whatever peels your banana.

Unlimited coolness, if you say so. Actually that’s a good caption, thanks.

But seriously: retro graphics, minimalistic masterpieces, (good &) bad words, designer inspired designs – we have plenty of possibilities for you to choose from. That’s because we got many cool customers providing us with fresh insights, and you could be next.

Get your nails did. It’s fun. Also, we got an assistant in the shape of a dog called Molly. – No worries, she just does mental support.

Frédérique Olthuis
Since: 2012
Location: Amsterdam
Field: photo shoots, in-store events, festivals, private sessions

Clients: Vogue (NL), Urban Outfitters, River Island, H&M, Adidas Originals, Maybelline (Dutch nail art ambassador), Cheap Monday, Twitter, Iceberg, Monki, NSMBL, OnTheBlock, Pupmag, Garcia Jeans, Costes.

Nail do’s: black/white, marble (it’s the new black!), conceptual designs, chipped nails (wear it with pride!)
Nail don’ts: themed nails, biting (I mean… just don’t), duck feet-shaped nails, yuk.